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Welcome to our independent guide to the JobCentre Plus services, help with online job searching, CV building and guides to the ever daunting interview.

This site is a handy guide to the jobcentre plus services you can get, your guide to the benefits and services of using the job centre plus facilities in your town.

Jobcentre plus is a government agency and a part of the Department for Work and Pensions and is there to provide you the tools to be able to look for employment, to give you the advice and help needed to find employment.

The jobcentre plus offices are there to support people of working age, paying unemployment benefits where entitled and helping people to find employment. employers can also advertise jobs vacancies for free.

Below you will find section that we will use to help you through the Jobcentre plus maze.

A guide to JobCentre Plus

Jobcentres are the main customer-facing Jobcentre Plus offices that deliver the services and support such as job seeker interviews and job search advice.

In your local Jobcentre plus building there is a seating areas for job seekers who are awaiting thier booked job centre interviews and are are dispersed throughout the open-plan office. 

The waiting space within the Support and Advice areas are there so you can wait in an informal and relaxed environment.

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